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Sustainable Value

Build long term value with Grey Tokenomics. Our in house artists and developers collaboratively work together with the community on a mission to develop original digital content in multiple distinct dimensions. A community-powered video streaming platform, an NFT Marketplace and in the Metaverse with gaming and socially interactive spaces.

What fuels our ecosystem is $GREY. It is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. Inspect our publicly visible wallets to see how we organize our project investments and read the white paper to learn more about the creative direction we are moving in in 2022 and beyond. 


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Sustainable Value

Transparent Tokenomics

Bot Protection

Quality Assurance

Grey Tokenomics

Grey Tokenomics

Project Wallets

Bot Protection

Security measures are important to us and to protect the project, assets and traders we chose to utilize Fair Token Projekt technology. With FTP Antibot Gold integrated the technology auto-blacklists bots, effectively locking the unfairly purchased tokens away.

This allows traders and speculative investors to reap the rewards of natural price action versus losing value to unfair bot activity. We want our community to feel safe investing and trading $GREY. We actively work to maintain our security and guard the value we are building as a community. 

FTP Whitepaper

Quality Assurance KYC

Grey Token we believe in full transparency and strive to make our actions visible to the community. We also want to maintain a level of privacy for our team members. We resolved to do this through a KYC provider. Build confidence in the project and know your tokens are safe. Learn more about the Assures KYC seal and view our certificate as an NFT on OpenSea.

Please take the time read more about why we went through the process on our Medium blog.

Why KYC?

Guide To Buying Grey Token

Create A Wallet

Download the crypto wallet Metamask. Available for iOS, Android and as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Other wallets are compatible as well.

Fund Metamask with $ETH

Purchase Ethereum using Metamask or transfer the cryptocurrency from an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance. Follow the instructions accordingly.

Swap $ETH for $GREY

Connect your wallet in Uniswap to exchange $ETH for $GREY. Import GREY and select it to start the swap. Set slippage to 6% or your transaction may fail. This will keep your transaction from being front run and will ensure your entry point stays low saving you money.

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